Community Outreach

Paying Our Success Forward In The Community

At DCS, we couldn’t have built a successful company without the support of our clients, partners and neighbors in the community. And we firmly believe in paying our good fortune forward. From sponsoring an early intervention program for children with developmental delays to supporting a young rodeo star in his quest to ride in the national circuit, DCS enjoys helping others achieve their own definitions of success.

DCS Also supports these organizations, groups and individuals:

Texas Hunt for the Cure
The Samaritan Inn
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Alzheimer’s Association
Adam Gray (PRCA)
Crayon Club (Scottish Rite Hospital)
Youth for the Nations
Child Study Center
Plano West Royales
Picking for Preemies
Minnie’s Food Pantry
Children’s Hospital of San Antonio
Children’s Miracle Network
Desoto Boy Scouts
Operation Homefront
Open Door Mission