Mainframe Solutions


With a commitment to simplifying documentation and management of connectivity in the data center, DCS has developed a series of solutions to support the latest IBM Z family of mainframe products. Along with our series of Switch and DASD Mimic products, DCS continues to lead the way in practical solutions for these complex mission-critical compute environments.

DCS has developed new patch panels to mimic the IBM z15 and z14 models (M01-M05 and ZR1) mainframe PCIe I/O drawers. When PCIe I/O drawers are added to the mainframe, DCS Z-series patch panels will represent each drawer at the Central Patching Location (CPL).

Each drawer “mimics” the actual drawer location, slot number, port number, domain, and upon request, physical channel IDs (PCHID). This takes patching activity away from the active equipment, decreasing the chance of an error in these critical environments.

All ports on all devices are represented at the Central Patching Location in an optimized high-performance connectivity environment due to the end-to-end solution of DCS’ Z-series Mimic Panels, Switch and DASD Mimic products, fiber optic trunks, harnesses and patch cords.

Our last project was a custom install and I am very pleased with its outcome. The DCS Project Manager kept me up to date with all changes and consulted as necessary.


  • Takes moves, adds and changes away from active equipment
  • Simplifies port identification for ease of documentation and troubleshooting
  • Minimizes human error, preventing network downtime
  • Allows for well-organized cable management
  • Ports grouped by domain for ease of patching and port identification