Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

At Data Center Systems, we are committed to conducting our business with unquestionable honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Likewise, we expect the same from our suppliers and business partners.

Prioritized Corporate Social Responsibility

We have opted to focus on managing, developing, and improving the four following areas of Corporate Social Responsibility: Environmental Impact, Labor & Human Rights, Strong Business Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

CSR Criteria


  • Energy Consumption & GHGs
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Local & Accidental Pollution
  • Materials, Chemicals & Waste


  • Product Use
  • Product End-of-Life
  • Customer Health & Safety
  • Environmental Services & Advocacy

Human Resources

  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Working Conditions
  • Social Dialogue
  • Career Management & Training

Human Rights

  • Child Labor, Forced Labor & Human Trafficking
  • Diversity, Discrimination & Harassment
  • External Stakeholder Human Rights

  • Corruption
  • Anticompetitive Practices
  • Responsible Information Management

  • Supplier Environmental Practices
  • Supplier Social Practices

Sustainability Rating

We are proud to announce that DCS has earned a Silver Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis.


Supplier Code of Conduct

The Purpose of this policy is to convey the importance that Data Center Systems places in conducting our business in an Ethical, Legal, Safe, and Socially Responsible Manner and ensuring that our suppliers do the same. DCS expects our suppliers to share in this commitment, therefore we have established this Supplier Code of Conduct.